2001 File Update

Teaching -

St. Clare-Ben Calf Robe School
Grade 3 and Music for Grades 1-6 Elementary classes
Continuous Contract (granted May 2000)

Professional Development -

•Edmonton Catholic Schools Faith Day
•Knights of Columbus - Lionsquest Program
•Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention
•A.T.A. Specialist Council - Science Conference
•E.C.S. Music Workshop - MusicPlay
•E.C.S. Language Arts Inservices - Balanced Literacy
•E.C.S. Religious Inservices
•E.C.S. Religious Liason - School Representative
•E.C.S./Alberta Learning - Western Canada Protocol for Social Studies - Review
•E.C.S. Assessment for Learning - Summer Conference
•E.C.S. Music teachers Inservice
•E.C.S. 2001-2002 School Opening Mass - Vocalist
•St. Clare-Ben Calf Robe School
- Professional Development inservices
- Cultural Development activities
- Round Dance, Pow-Wow, Pipe Ceremony

Professional Involvements -

•Alberta Teachers Association
•Webmaster of Internet Website of St. Clare-Ben Calf Robe School

Erlene Monteith
2577 135 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5A 3S5

July 20, 2001

Paul Gagne
Staffing Officer
Human Resources
Edmonton Catholic Schools
9807 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 1C2

Dear Paul,

Please accept these most recent additions, for my file with Edmonton Catholic Schools.

As you know, I have been on Continuous Contract with our district, for the past school term. My professional experiences, excellent evaluations, and years of devoted service to the district, were thankfully acknowledged by the district, and my future with Edmonton Catholic Schools is now guaranteed. This gave me a great sense of accomplishment and relief, in this 2000-2001 school term.

Being granted my permanent status, did in no way cause a decline in my personal and professional aspirations and motivations. In fact, this past year provided me with even more challenges and professional growth opportunities. Being the Elementary Music teacher, and participating in activities such as Lionsquest Program, Religious Liason and Assessment for Learning Project, have all widened my knowledge and abilities, for performance in the classroom and in our teaching profession. As well, being the webmaster of my school's website, encourages me to remain current and knowledgeable on technology and its powerful impact on learning and the learning environment.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement, in my endeavor to be a valued and productive staff member, of our district.

God's Blessings to You Always...

Erlene Monteith

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