2007-2008 File Update

Administration -

St. Gerard School
- Acting Administration (office support when needed)

Teaching -

St. Gerard School - Grade 3

Professional Development -

E.C.S. - Assessment for Learning Workshop

E.C.S. - Literacy Initiative Workshops

E.C.S. ASPIRE Religious Liaison - School Representative

E.C.S. Religious Inservices

E.C.S. Music Ministry - CHOIR

E.C.S. Faith Day

Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention

U of A - Cooperating Teacher for 3 Practicum/student teachers

Junior Achievement Program - Cooperating Teacher

Study Buddy Nursing Students - Cooperating Teacher for 4 student nurses

St. Gerard School 2007-2008

- 'Arts Alive' Conference - Staff Representative for student participation
- Effective Behaviour Support (EBS) Team member
- School Celebrations coordinator
- School Committees member
- Professional Development inservices
- School-based Literacy inservicing and CCPLC

Professional Involvements -

Alberta Teachers Association
Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association - committee member
Edmonton Catholic Schools Faith Day - volunteer

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