2010-2011 File Update

Teaching -

St. Gerard School - Grade 3

Professional Development -

E.C.S. AISI Science Liaison - School Representative

E.C.S. - Mathematics - New Curriculum Workshops

E.C.S. - District Professional Development Sessions

E.C.S. ASPIRE Religious Liaison - School Representative

E.C.S. Music Ministry - CHOIR

E.C.S. Faith Day

Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention

St. Gerard School 2010-2011

- 'Young Author's' Conference - Staff Representative for student participation
- School Celebrations coordinator
- School Committees member
- Professional Development inservices
- School-based Literacy and Math inservicing and CCPLC

Professional Involvements -

E.C.S. District Wide Professional Development Day January 27, 2011 - Circle of Courage with Dr. Martin Brokenleg

Katherine Therrien School 'Saint Day' January 28, 2011 - Presentor for Native Spirituality and Friendship Activity

E.C.S. District Wide Professional Development Day April 28 - Co-Presentor with Janice Stefancik (Native Spirituality)

Alberta Teachers Association
Edmonton Catholic Schools Opening Mass - Choir

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