1999 File Update

Teaching -

Temporary Contract - St. Bernadette School Resource Facilitator (March, April)

Replacement Teaching - (September - June)

*Schools most frequented:
Anne Fitzgerald, St. Bernadette, St. Jerome

Professional Development -

Edmonton Catholic Schools Faith Day
Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention
St. Bernadette School- Professional Development Day (March) and staff meetings/ P.D.

Professional Involvements -

Anne Fitzgerald School Council - Chairperson
O'Brien School Family Council
Substitute Teachers Commitee
Alberta Teachers Association

Erlene Monteith
2577 135 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5A 3S5

April 19, 1999

Barb Kutney/Paul Gagne
Staffing Officers
Human Resources
Edmonton Catholic Schools
9807 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 1C2

Dear Barb/Paul,

Please accept my application for the 1999-2000 Edmonton Catholic Schools Replacement Teacher Roster.

As you are aware, I would appreciate being considered (and short listed) for possible openings for the coming school year. I trust that my name will be forwarded to the principals of schools, which have an available teaching position.

I understand your staffing procedures, and I also request that I be given consideration (once again) for being offered a Continuous Contract with our district. Although I only had a Temporary Contract this year, YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to grant a Continuous Contract to those deserving of it (such as I AM). There have been MANY years when my Continuous Contract was requested by past supervising principals. When will the voices be heard? How much longer will prayers go unanswered? Please take this to your commitee...for sincere evaluation.

I sincerely request your support, and that of the staffing commitee, in securing a full-time teaching position for the coming school year. My professional experience, excellent evaluations, and years of devoted service to the district, should ensure your careful consideration of my future with Edmonton Catholic Schools.

Thank you in advance, for all your time and support, in my endeavor to be a permanent staff member of our district.

God's Blessings to You...

Erlene Monteith