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Bryce Monteith
2577 135 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5A 3S5
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The following are a list of concerns that the parents of Bryce Jaron Monteith have observed/experienced for/with their son:

- increase use of abusive/aggressive language – most especially since entering junior high school – in conversation and in times of anger/frustration. His verbal and mental/emotional aggression is present with peers, staff and the school

- incidents of physical aggression at school involving male and female peers and involving in school and out of school suspensions

- increase questioning and knowledge of human sexuality, as well as exploration with masturbation to the point of perseverating on it (more than 3-4 times a day)

- perseverating on changing clothes – most especially socks and underwear – until there are none left in his drawer within a daytime period (changing underwear at least 12 times and socks 18 times or more). The changing of underwear due to drips of urine or semen that he will not tolerate to dry on their own.

- Constant self-talk with his ‘Homer Simpson’ doll. While this play/imagination may be somewhat ‘normal’… it has progressed to a lot of sexual talk and homosexual related conversation-type. “You want me to try to suck your dick daddy?” (Bryce is the ‘daddy’ in this relationship with his Homer doll)

- Almost schizophrenic talk/relationship with Homer Simpson “Homer tells me to….” These suggestions are always to do/say/think in negative ways

- A growing apprehension of school which has now come to the point of EXCESSIVE dislike of school… to the point of making himself sick about not going. The school assistant principal has said that she has heard him say “What do I have to do to get suspended for 5 days?”

- EXTREME difficulty following school rules cooperatively and most especially the bus rules. It has come to the point now, where we have had to cancel him riding the bus and will be driven to school by dad once again. This strategy was employed to hopefully alleviate the stress of the long bus ride and to try and make his emotions better for the day of school.

- School Bus issues that occurred were him stuffing seat belts in the seats, changing seats while bus in motion, staring at people on the bus, not following bus driver’s requests

- School Suspensions – Since January he has had in-school and out of school suspensions. The out of school suspensions were regarding aggression. He got a 1 day for fighting with a girl who he had been kicking with that week, and the 3 day suspension was for making threats on the board and writing on walls and himself

- Depression – Bryce has complained of being depressed, bored and said things like “If I have to go to that school tomorrow I’m gonna kill myself” or “I’m so depressed I’m going to go hang myself”. We truly hope he does not know HOW to kill himself or even try.

- Stealing – Bryce has become of the mind set “If he wants it… he’ll just take it”. He seems to have no self control about asking first or knowing that he just can’t have everything he sees. This has just recently become a problem. He was never so greedy/selfish before.

- Puberty/Growth Spurt – along with this phase of development, Bryce has developed skin problems and we are also wondering if his meds are enough/meeting his needs adequately. At times, we have needed to give him 2 Melatonin tablets at bedtime and at times, the Riperidal does not seem to be enough to take off his moodiness. He can have trouble getting to sleep at times and always wakes up early. He NEVER sleeps in.

- Diabetes – We still wonder about this, because he drinks a lot, goes to the bathroom a lot, has mood swings, and appetite swings (not hungry then all of a sudden says “I’m STARVING!” and there is some diabetes in the family