(and WEBSITE friends too!)


This page of the photo album, is dedicated to the friends that I have made, since joining the WEBTV Family.

The following photos are of/from the friends I made, when I visited 'Talk City's' chatroom ... EDUTALK.

These friends are very special to me, and being able to have their photos, makes them even more real in my heart.



This is RJ.
He was one of my first friends on the web.
He is also one of my truest dearest friends.
He emails me almost everyday,
and he always has his heart open
to me and my husband,
for our friendship.
He was also the inspiration
for many of my web discoveries.

RJ is
{{{{{our very special friend}}}}}


This is a picture of RJ and his granddaughter Amy.
As you can see...
he's getting her started on the web,
very early (and late too!)...LOL

Here is a picture of RJ
with his granddaughter,
and his mother.
We see looking good...
runs in the family!


This is TEACH77.
She is a true web girlfriend.
She emails many people everyday with jokes, stories, or whatever she gets her fingers on.

TEACH attracts many fans because she is so friendly and welcoming.
That is how I first got to know her...
from being greeted by her in EDUTALK.

Now TEACH is a great support to me...
and will be a
{{{{{lifelong friend}}}}}.


He became a friend later on,
but will hopefully be a friend
that will truly 'hang on'.

Corpsman is a real sweetheart,
and is very generous with the compliments.
I always look forward to time spent with him on the web, because he brings mystery, fun, and laughter to any conversation.

He is a soldier that can
{{{'stay in line'}}}

Things change when a person gets married.
Corpsman admits this, shyly/slyly.

Here are pictures of Corpsman's pride and joy...
(they both are!!!)



Other friends have not sent photos, but HOT will keep trying to get them way or another!


Here is a list of names of those 'camera shy'(LOL) friends of mine!

from Chicago, in a band, and teaches too!
He was my 'VERY late night'
SUMMER '98 friend

from Arkansas, a teacher & grandma. Dooma has an excellent sense of humour.
We have shared many a great email & joke!

from Hawaii, teaches in Texas
NAN is a friend to many. She even met RJ when he came to see her at the airport (on her way back to school after the summer holidays)

from Florida, works in the Restaurant business, is very often in EDUTALK (late at night), and she has a TalkCity website (in my LINKS section)for you to see!
I consider RED a very special friend.

from MAINE, is a Real Hoser Guy and knows his Canadian stuff... eh?!
He is a great friend that makes me laugh...and he always has a cold beer and some back bacon to share with me!!!

from California, is a romantic member of the EDUTALK family of friends. He met his fiance in this room...and is now waiting for her to join they can be in the same room (and residence) ...happily ever after!
It is a CYBER FAIRY TALE...that came true!

now in New York, a Doctor-in-training (intern), he's very single but very busy...keep trying girls!!! I haven't heard from him for a while, and he keeps his mailbox full!

from Ohio...soon to be moving to California...
WARM is the main squeeze of 'SWEETSTUFF' (also in EDUTALK)
WARM emails me regularly with website additions (BIG thanks!!!)
WARM is a kind and thoughtful buddy!

from Tennessee, has her own websites...check them out! (in my LINKS section)
WIND is a popular gal! She is fun to talk to and makes any chat time a SUPER time!
I consider WIND to be...
a 'gentle spirit'



Along with making friends at EDUTALK,
I have also developed friendships with people that have visited my WEBSITE.

A list of these friends may be found in my LINKS section, but there are also friends that do not have websites YET, and may be found by reading my GUESTBOOK.


Some of these 'GUESTBOOK FRIENDS' have come to be very special friends.


Here is a brief list
(which will hopefully be added to..)
of these special people

Ed (MUGMAN) & Libby -
This couple live in Florida. They email me often with great additions for my website. They also brighten my days and warm my heart, with their generous caring spirits. I hope we can one day meet... that would be a blessed treat!!!

Star Sio -
This woman lives in Hawaii. She has a loving family, 2 gorgeous children, and a warm and friendly personality. She quickly opened her heart and shared parts of her life with me. Her emails really boost me up!

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