Woman in the shadows
of the bike in front of her
Rolling down the highway
engines hum, hearts purr

Waiting in the moonlight
there, in light of day,
Patiently awaiting,
time, to turn your way

Giving love so freely,
letting longings hide
Giving me time to realize,
my place, was at your side

Patience is your virtue,
strength your living force,
Motherhood a destiny,
2 boys, then 2 girls... your course

You turned my life around,
you made your many choices,
You kept your many promises,
You listened to God's voices

For in you, was the power
and the love, to see you through,
to transform all your challenges
and join 2 families ...anew

You saw in me, your lover,
You saw in me, your friend
And we will be together,
Our love will never end

You put up with my habits
You let me do 'my thing'
You know it doesn't matter,
For to you, I gave my ring

For you love me for my strength
and you know my will, is done
And you also truly know
...YOU are my number one!!!

For my dances are all reserved,
for my special 'LADY IN RED'
It is you I wrap my arms around
and kiss goodnight, in bed

The mother of my 'angels',
the woman I call 'my wife'
For my beautiful 'German princess'...
you're the greatest 'love of my life!'


Dedicated to ... Jutta Gouin
Inspired by... Michel Gouin
Composed by... Erlene Monteith
Written on...December 22, 1998