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Open the Bible,
hear the Scripture praise,
this very special man,
and his sorrowful last days...


jesus sitting

Pondering his mission,
Jesus sat upon the hill,
planning his days ahead,
and how to do God's will.

40 days spent in the desert,
fasting for his fate,
Jesus then returned to them,
his destiny couldn't wait.

Upon his return they greeted him,
with palms held high in the air
"Jesus our friend, we missed you...
our hearts were with you in prayer!"

Over the next few days,
Jesus went out to heal and bless,
sharing with others his friendship,
his loving and kind, tenderness.

Then He prepared for the meal,
the last, He would share with his friends.
calling them all one-by-one,
"...for a feast" was the message He sends

last supper

Before the meal, He washed their feet,
though his friends were humbled by this,
"It's your feet we should be washing," they said
"No,'s your feet I want to kiss."

Then he broke the bread,
and shared it with his men,
"Eat this and remember me,
until we feast again."

Then He took the cup,
that held the bittersweet wine,
"My blood will be shed for all man's sins,
this life to not mine."

For this was his Father's covenant,
a promise He must keep...
to give us everlasting life
a gift, for all to reap.

For this promise Jesus knew,
would bring him pain to endure,
and the love in his friends' hearts,
would not all remain true and pure.

For among those at the table,
was a traitor to Jesus, He knew,
and one who would deny him,
the cock crow would prove this true.

Though Jesus' friends did trust him,
they could not believe their ears,
for if what Jesus was saying did happen,
this would be the realization, of their worst fears.


jesus praying

Then Jesus went to the Garden,
for alone, He wanted to pray,
his friends were asked to keep watch,
awake - they were ordered to stay.

In pain and suffering He wept and prayed,
"Dear Father, Take from me this cup!
It is not my will to be done...
Your will shall raise me up."

When Jesus returned to his friends,
He found them falling asleep,
"My friends, you can't stay awake?
You make me promises, you cannot keep?"

He returned again, alone
to pray for strength of will,
to face whatever lies ahead...
his fate He questioned, still.

angel comforting jesus

When He returned again,
his friends were asleep once more.
Jesus felt frustration,
let down by his friends, his heart sore.

"Prove that you love me friend,
that you can do what I ask.
For in the days ahead...
I will give you a very great task."

Then at the Garden appeared,
the traitor who kissed his cheek,
then soldiers approached for Jesus,
to arrest this man, they seek.

A friend drew his sword for Jesus,
and cut off the ear of one guard,
but Jesus said, "Put that away...
I will go in peace, from this yard."

So Jesus was lead away,
and his friends all fled in fear,
for they did not want to be caught,
No, they did not want to be near!

crown of thorns and nails

Jesus was arrested that night,
and brought before the judge,
but Pilate did not want Jesus,
against him, he held no grudge.

So he sent Jesus to the Chief Priests,
but they also sent him away,
Pilate washed his hands of it...
the people would day.

When Jesus was brought before them,
with his crown made of thorn,
they all cried, "Free Barabas!"
and looked to Jesus with scorn.

"Crucify him!" they shouted,
Though Jesus had done nothing wrong,
"Crucify him!" they demanded,
Jesus' fate was determined, all along.

So Jesus was lead away,
his cross He had to bear,
lead through the streets filled with people,
"Were you there?..."Were YOU there?"


Jesus was weak and beaten,
the blood dripped from his face,
a woman tried to wipe it,
and a man carried the cross in Jesus' place.

When at last, the hill he mounted,
the nails were driven in,
through his flesh and bone,
Jesus let them do this, for our sin.

jesus on cross

Then as the Scripture stated,
while Mary, his mother, looked on,
Jesus' clothing was cast in lots,
and Jesus gave his mom, a new son.

His side was pierced,
his body failing,
What did Jesus do?
He asked for a drink,
then begged his Father,
"Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Jesus longed for his Father,
to save him from this pain,
then the man on Jesus' side,
asked to see Jesus again.

Jesus promised that in God's kingdom,
he would see him there,
seated at the right hand of his Father,
everlasting life to share.

Then Jesus closed his eyes,
and slowly lowered his head,
...and He quietly gave up his life on earth,
for everlasting life, instead.


...and he gave up his life

The skies then darkened to night,
the ground rumbled and shook,
people trembled in fear,
"It was the Lord's life they took!"

But Scripture was fulfilled,
not a bone of Jesus was broke,
his body was removed from the cross,
this witnessed by the good folk.

Jesus' body was wrapped,
and placed inside a tomb,
the stone was rolled in front,
protected like in a womb.

But when the women returned,
to visit with Jesus and pray,
an angel appeared to them,
and the stone was rolled away!

"Why do you seek Him here?
for Jesus your friend, is gone,
to join his Father in heaven,
Father to be with his Son!"

jesus rising

The witnesses ran to tell,
the wondrous news, they did hear,
but Jesus had already sent word,
with some friends, to whom He did appear.

But they did not recognize Him,
or at least not right away,
but they did when He broke the bread,
and by the words He did say.


From this time on,
and forevermore,
they had a great mission,
like never before.

They must spread the Good News of Jesus,
to all the world far and near,
that Jesus the Savior was born and died,
the witnesses His friends here.

Then He said He would leave them now,
never would He return,
for they would do His great work,
to teach others, what they had to learn.




closed bible

flaming cross

God's covenant would always be kept,
by what Jesus did for LOVE,
His LOVE for US guarantees,
in heaven above.

life of jesus cross


He is the reason for the season!

happy easter


GOD is watching us...from a distance.


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