torchHis Girltorch

I know I’m not his daughter,
But no more proud a niece could be,
To have him as an Uncle,
To be part of his family.

He’s always been so special.
We became closer as I grew.
With Boh(Bohemian) Beer and a big smile…
His fridge is always full for you!

So who is Uncle Julien?
There’s lots about him I can tell…
Motorhome and fishing boat in the backyard,
In the front yard a wishing well.

A strong and fun-loving fellow,
With many a story to share,
3 children he loves so deeply,
but many more who know his care.

He’s a man with many hobbies…
Always finding new ones to do…
I’ll treasure my copper bracelet,
The memories along with it, too.

He always calls me “My girl,”
And I feel these words in my heart,
That’s why I truly know,
Nothing ever will keep us apart.

Though miles have been between us,
And we’ve only shared moments in life,
He will always be important …
And I pray for him during his strife.

One thing I will always be thankful for,
Is the time he spent with my son,
To teach him the fine art of pool...
From 'the Master' himself..."What fun!"

Many good people have been struck by this disease,
that takes so many we love,
Let us pray for all who suffer,
May God’s blessings come from above.

Dedicated to Uncle Julien Paulhus
From his niece Erlene Monteith

+ + + + + + +

Uncle Julien was called to heaven to join his mom and dad, on October 2, 2002. He brings our love with him, to all above!

+ + + + + + +

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