torchMOUNTAIN MANtorch

Mountains of memories
that reach to the sky,
laughter and love,
from days gone by.

Eagles wings glisten
as they soar through the air,
like the motor bike races,
with the wind through his hair.

He's strong and sturdy
like the mountain-top trees.
He could chase away the fears
of the children at his knees.

When we were all younger
he helped us in ways,
he may never quite know,
how we do sing his praise.

He gave us his love
and special memories to hold.
Those moments are treasured,
they're more precious than gold.

But when we got older
he went away...
we longed for his return,
we wanted him back to stay.

We prayed for his safety,
we wanted him near,
we missed him so dearly,
and our hearts felt each tear.

Then one day it happened -
he finally came home,
from adventures down East...
to the North - he did roam.

And while he was gone
his talents had grown,
from photography to gemstones,
he'd become well-known.

Shadows of the past
were still to be seen,
for life always lingers,
we always are - what we've been.

But from the pain of the past
came a future anew,
loving wife, adoring children,
and a dog, fill 'his crew'.

He continues to do
even more than he should,
but doing for others,
always makes him feel good.

Not all fully know
the love of this man,
he's been taken for granted,
by others who've ran.

But I know the beauty
of his love and his art,
his handcrafted jewelry,
keep him close to my heart.

For when we're together
or when we're apart...
these gifts bring his love.
straight back to my heart.

We all have our gifts
and talents to share,
whether working with gemstones,
or with words that are there.

But together we treasure
each other for these,
we give what we can,
we hope we can please.

But it's love that means most
that comes from our heart,
that will always be a treasure,
from which we can't part.

Like the strong sturdy mountain
that gives shelter and hope,
he fights for his life,
by learning to cope.

He will succeed
at whatever he does,
whether helping others,
or defending a cause.

He's an artist with gemstones,
creates beauty with his touch,
he's my cousin, my friend,
and I love him so much!!!

Written for and dedicated to : Mike Gouin
Written by: Erlene Monteith
Written on: April 7, 2002

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