This is Lake Minnewanka...also known as Devil's Gap.

This is a popular spot for boaters.

You can even take a 2 hour cruise onto the lake, for a historical tour of DEVIL'S GAP. There is many interesting native folktales about this very special place!

Be careful though...these mountain waters are so'd die of hypothermia...long before you ever got a chance to drown in them!!!


Not too far from BANFF townsite is a very popular ski resort...SUNSHINE VILLAGE.

It is open year-round.In the winter/cold months...for skiing. In the summer/warm months...for hiking.

You park your vehicle at the bottom, and take a 20 minute ride to the top, in the gondola (it's the only way to get up there).The gondola has to go around the side of a mountain, on its way to the top.

When you get off the gondola, you're not at the top yet. You are at the resort, in the bed of the mountains.

From here, you can take a chair lift even higher up. This photo shows you that can ride this chairlift in the summer (but it is a much steeper fall!!!).


When you get off the chairlift, you find yourself at a station that informs you of possible trails you may take into the Sunshine mountain ranges.

There are many trails of various lengths and degrees of difficulty. You can even hike right across the British Columbia border, from here.

Again...BE CAREFUL...there is wildlife around here, and they also request you stay on the formed trails so as not to destroy the extremely delicate plant life way up at this altitude.


Down the road from BANFF townsite, you may also visit Johnston Canyon. There is a great hike you can take here, which brings you past beautiful falls, and other interesting nature spots.

Here is a waterfall lookout at Johnston Canyon. You actually go through a cave to get to the best vantage point (and free shower!).


At the end of a longer hike at Johnston Canyon, you come to an area where a natural phenomenon called INK POTS, are located. These are colorful little ponds, that are very deep, very cold, and very dangerous. If you fall in...we'll never get you out!

This photo was taken from this location...the INK POTS are at our feet.


Do you recognize this place ... even before I tell you?

Yes...this is the world famous...LAKE LOUISE.

Again, all the rich and famous know about, or have possibly stayed at, this place. It is a popular 'honeymoon' destination. It is also a skiiers paradise. It is also a resort open year-round.

The Lake Louise Tramcar (CAREFUL on pylon #13...those smashed tramcars are really old...really!) and ski hills, are a bit of a drive from the Hotel (15 min.), but it is not really a it?


This is the grand...Chateau Lake Louise.

It is just as much a gem, as the lake and surrounding mountains are.

From the hotel, you can take trails which will lead you to the mountain glacier...even in summer.

This area is very popular for mountain climbers.

Of course...BE CAREFUL...some have died trying that sport...around here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ any beautiful day spent in does eventually come to an end.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour.

If you did enjoy yourself...please tell your friends about it!!!

BANFF is a BIG place...there's enough of this special place for all of us to have our own part of it, in our hearts!!!

"Who might even want to come and see it in-person!"

But of course...DRIVE CAREFULLY!!!