This is my grandparents...Helen (BABA) & Jacob (GIDO) celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary (February 14, 1994), surrounded by family and friends.

What an amazing accomplishment to make it so far together...isn't it?

Gido was born in the Ukraine and emigrated here (leaving his family members) when he was in his late teens/early 20's.

Baba and Gido met here, were married, and raised a daughter (Lucy) and son (Peter), first living on a farm...then moving to Edmonton.

60 years later...their children and children's families...all still live in Edmonton.

GIDO always had so many interesting stories of life before and after coming to Canada. I sure do miss hearing him tell them. I wish someone had wrote them down.(GIDO passed away in May of 1997 at the age of 96)

Here is your first glimpse of my mom...AURELIE.

It is very hard to catch her in front of a camera. Here she is in her favourite spot...behind her grandson Clarke...admiring his every action!

This is my brother ...PAUL
(younger by a year and 9 months)

He has gone through many phases in his life.

He is a single guy, but has been dating a special girl, for a while now.

We'll wait and see what happens...(he lives at home with mom and dad).

Here is my dad PETER, giving a presentation to celebrate his parents wonderful accomplishment.

My dad can be a really funny guy. He had everyone in stitches...really!

Here I am...

I was honoured to speak on behalf of my brother and I, on how much BABA & GIDO mean to us...and how proud we were of them, on this day.

When my brother and I were children, and both our parents had to work, BABA & GIDO helped look after us. We spent a lot of time with them, and knew them like perhaps, no one else did.

It is amazing they made it this far! They truly have set the example of loving...
Family is the key to marital success...when someone needs you and you are there for are living love.

At this point in the celebration...the great grandchildren presented roses to BABA & GIDO, as a symbol of their love and admiration.

It was so cute!!!

Of course no wedding anniversary is complete ...unless the happy couple dance!

how we danced...
on the night...
we were wed"

GIDO has always been a high spirited dancer. As I mentioned before on a previous album was his love for dance (traditional and other) that burns deep in my soul.

At 93...GIDO began to kick up his heels to do the traditional Ukrainian 'HOPAK' (of course we insisted he take it easy...enjoy the music from the couch!)

No matter how much a couple goes through, and how 'imperfect' your partner may seem at times...a moment of loving closeness can be found...even after 60 years married.



This photo was taken at BABA & GIDO's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

In this photo you see...(L to R)
Peter (my dad), Paul (my brother), Mike (Lucy's husband), Aurelie (my mom), Susan (Lucy's daughter), HOT Erlene, Gary (Lucy's son), Lucy (my aunt), David (Lucy's son)...and of course...GIDO & BABA (seated).

The people seated on either side of BABA & GIDO are their bridal party.