I just thought you might like to meet the family I became a part of!

(You will meet SCOT4EVER's parents on the next page of the photo album...)

This is SCOT4EVER's grandfather...William
(better known as BILL...
(more lovingly known as ...PAPA)

He had always been an avid walker who enjoyed the great outdoors. Many knew of they waved to him on his 'route'.

Here is a photo of SCOT4EVER's grandmother, with her life mate...PAPA. NAN (whose real name was Agnes...but was never known by it in her life...and she'd tell you so!) unfortunately passed away February 9, 1993 and is sorely missed by all of us.

NAN was the sweetest, thoughtful, doting and fun-loving 'GRAN' ...a grandchild could ever dream of.

I got to know NAN and Bill as friends first, as I worked with them in a bluejean store, for about 2 years. That is right. Nan moved from working at the toy selling jeans etc. (and she was in her early 70's!)

So I guess you realize...she was spry, and a perfect walking companion for PAPA.

GOD took NAN from us gently and quietly. (I believe that is exactly the way she told him to do it!)

PAPA has now joined Gran in heaven... and they are thankful to be together once again.

This is SCOT4EVER's little sister...MERYL

MERYL and I got to know each other as friends first, too. YES...working at that same jean store together. She also started out at the toy store but moved to selling clothes with her GRAN.

MERYL and I are only a few months apart in age. We quickly became 'BUDS' when SCOT4EVER and I first started dating.

She of course was my maid-of-honour...and we are still great friends as well as sisters-in-law.

This is MERYL's husband SCOTT.

You wanna guess where they met?
NO, he didn't work at that same jeans store...he worked at the stereo store right next to the jean store we worked at.

SCOTT was of course, SCOT4EVER's Best Man...we are a close group of friends/family!

Here is MERYL & SCOTT in each other's arms.

This photo was taken on a camping trip we all took together, in Banff.

On this night we were in our 'camping van' enjoying a BIG FEAST with BIG DRINKS and BIG LAUGHS !!!

"In a BIG COUNTRY...dreams stay with a lovers voice fires the mountainside...stay alive!"
(lyrics by BIG of our favourite songs to listen to in Banff)

Here is a closer view of SCOTT and SCOT together...
(notice the Manager
directing the BAR-B-QUE!...LOL)

This is PAISLEY. She is MERYL & SCOTT's daughter, and our niece, of course.

Clarke and Paisley have always been close cousins. She is about 2 years older than Clarke. They love to get together whenever they can.

This is our nephew, EVIN. He is 3 years younger than Clarke, and a very big admirer of Clarke. Clarke is his 'best bud'.

EVIN was the total opposite of PAISLEY, for MERYL & SCOTT. EVIN is an 'active' child that loves adventure. Nothing holds him back!

This is SCOT4EVER's family member named (REGINALD) REGGIE.

He is a shi tzu.

REGGIE lived a long and happy life in this family.

I was never allowed pets in my I feel very blessed to have known and loved REGGIE. I know he came to love me too. (He would tell me whenever he had a problem...that the rest of the family wasn't noticing!)

NIKKI was a stray found on a city bus..but was brought to this family...and never left! I called him 'Nicholas Montgomery'...I don't know why..but he liked it and it stuck with him and I.

NIKKI was the perfect pal for REGGIE. They spent almost their entire lives together in this family. I always said...they reminded me of SCOT & I. In many ways...I was like REGGIE and SCOT was like NIKKI...and vice versa too...ohhhh you know what I mean.

The puppies that bathe together...
(and they the end...they both went on the same day..very old and happy pups)

Here they are...

This is GYP.
He was a pup born at the mechanic supply shop SCOT's dad worked at.

DAD brought him home for a few nights, and he wound up staying.

Unfortunately...GYP had a condition which caused him to be put down when he was about 2 years old.

It was very hard on all of us. GYP is remembered fondly for his loving playful nature, and super jumping!!!
This is SCOT4EVER's aunt...BRENDA
(sitting between GRAN & PAPA).
JOYCE has only one sibling...
a sister she has always been close with.

BRENDA has 3 daughters and a son, by her first marriage, and a son, with her second.

BRENDA's second husband, LAYTON, is from Nova Scotia, Canada.

KEN, unlike JOYCE, has 4 siblings...3 sisters and a brother...Maggie, Dorothy, Jess, and Billy.

Ken's family all are 'back home' in BONNIE SCOTLAND.

Some of his family have come to visit us in Canada.

In this photo, Dorothy (on left) and Jess (on right) made a trip together, to visit their 'big brother'.

Here is a photo of the rest of 'KEN's CLAN'

In photo...(L to R)
Bill (Maggie's husband), Maggie, Dorothy, Bill (Dorothy's husband) and Billy (Ken's younger brother).

I know what you're saying...
"Is every man in Scotland named Bill?...or just every man related to KEN in some way...named Bill?"...LOL

Call 'RIPLEY's BELIEVE IT or NOT'...they'll testify!...LOL


They are not relatives...but VERY GOOD friends of SCOT4EVER's family.

Aunt Marion & Uncle Dougie have visited us in Canada, twice.

Aunt Marion loves to sing (karaoke?) and Uncle Dougie will have you in stitches with his humour and tale telling!

I guess you can figure out why HOT got close with them really easy.
They were even in attendance at HOT & SCOT's wedding!!!

This is IAN and his wife Barbra.

IAN is Marion and Douglas' only child.

IAN was and still is...a buddy of SCOT4EVER.

IAN & BARBRA have 3 children (Lorna, Allan, and David). IAN works for a major British Airline, and popped in to visit us, a few years back.

Well I wish I had more megabytes to show you more pictures of these family members...BUT if you go to SCOT4EVER's photo gallery...he will be adding photos of SCOTLAND and hometown etc.

(finish looking at my photos first though please!)