(Home Sweet Home of HOT!)

"Attention passengers...
we have now landed at
Edmonton International Airport
We hope you enjoy your visit to our fine city and that you'll return again soon!

From the airport we enter the city from the South Side.

The tall hotel on the right is 'the Convention Inn South'. The TOP of the INN was the site of HOT & SCOT's wedding reception!!!

As the sign above says...CITY CENTRE is our destination!

Let's get a bird's eye view shall we?

This is the TELUS TOWER (formerly known as Alberta Government Telephones Tower, and one of the tallest building in our city.

At the top of this tower was formerly a Telephone Museum called VISTA33 with a spectacular view of the entire city.

Unfortunately, the final day it was open to the public, was a cloudy and miserable one.

I hope you still enjoy the view!!!

This is Edmonton's City Hall located on Winston Churchill Square.

It is a nice piece of architecture isn't it?
Pyramid Power!

This is our somewhat famous

It was built for the 1976 Commonwealth Games held in our city, and is presently used for BIG concerts, Edmonton Eskimo Football games, and will be coming alive when we host the World Track and Field Games.

(I KNOW...we should have had a roof put on right?)

The 4 pyramids you see are the MUTTART CONSERVATORY. Each has a different climate and different type of plant life in it.

It is an interesting place to visit.

Behind Muttart you can see the ski hills of the 'EDMONTON SKI CLUB'.

(this is in the river valley looking southeast)

This is a view of the city's South Side skyline.

The University of Alberta is located at the top of the river valley on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River.

This is the view looking west.

What? You can't see West Edmonton Mall from here? Well I guess you'll have to come closer!!!

I know some people have never visited Canada and some even thought we live in igloos...LOL...but here is the proof...we do have plenty of skyscrapers!!!

We're back where we started. This is the view looking north.

I spent the first part of my life, living within 2 miles of this tall building. From this view I can see my old neighbourhood.

Here is a view looking towards my old neighbourhood.

At the top of the hill (left of photo), you can see a red brick building (that is where I went to kindergarten...Alex Taylor School). Our house was across the street from the school.

In my early teens, we moved more to the north, in our city.

SCOT & I now live even more north, in my city.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...
if I move any more north in our city...
I may be living in an igloo! (LOL)

Don't get me wrong. Edmonton is not a concrete jungle. We do have a LOT of parkland in our city (the most in Canada I believe).

In Edmonton we have the river valley parks and trails, bike trails throughout the city, many parks and much to offer guests and residents.

In 1987, the summer before SCOT & I had our wedding...a killer tornado struck our city.Many died. Most of the dead were from a trailor park in the North East section of the city...called Evergreen.

I now live in the area of the city, where this tornado devastated those lives.

In the memory of those who were affected...a statue was placed in Hermitage Park (15 minute hike from my door).

God Bless all who have lost those loved.

I don't know if I will ever leave Edmonton, but I sure am glad you let me show you some pieces of it!

Have a nice (and safe) trip back to your HOME!