Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association



Written by Chairperson... Erlene Monteith
Vice-President of Publicity

Dedicated to and Inspired by...
David Bouchard's
'If You're Not From the Prairie...'


If you haven't heard 'Bouchard',
You don't know his culture,
You can't know his culture.

A history of family he loves so much,
Pride in his roots - his Metis touch...
Growing up knowing "there's much to do!"
David Bouchard - his mission is true.

If you haven't heard Bouchard,
You don't know his culture.

If you haven't read 'Bouchard',
You don't know the story,
You can't know the story.

Of tradition and teachings,
of Canadian life...
of taking and making,
the choice that is right.

If you haven't read 'Bouchard',
You don't know the story.

If you haven't met 'Bouchard',
you don't know the man,
you can't know the man.

Hear him tell stories that wake up your heart,
Words become magic that set him apart,
Laughter and tears, or his flute be the start...

Today you'll KNOW DAVID...
Our keynote...