Special Communities


Read each question.
Choose the BEST answer.

1. The Blood people are also known as:

a) Blackfoot, red people, Kainai
b) moccasins, red people, Kainai
c) Blackfoot, red people, pemmican
d) Kainai, red people, many chiefs

2. Blood people of the past, followed the

a) white settlers
b) buffalo
c) clouds
d) spirits

3. When settlers came, the Bloods

a) started a war
b) built forts for the settlers
c) signed a treaty and moved to a Reserve
d) ran away

4. What is a Reserve?

a) a housing unit
b) a special celebration
c) an agreement of land space
d) a saved seat

5. Long ago, Blood people gathered food by

a) hunting and fishing
b) ranching
c) shopping in town
d) farming

6. Which of the following foods, did the Blood people eat, long ago?

_____ chokecherries _____ pizza
_____ pemmican _____ vegetables
_____ tortillas _____ deer
_____ buffalo _____ fish
_____ spagetti _____ lobster

7. Where did the Bloods get their water from, long ago?

a) the store
b) the seas and oceans
c) the rivers, lakes and streams
d) the reservoir

8. The Blood people killed buffalo. Why?

a) they were a real problem
b) for food, hides, and other uses
c) to sell the buffalo heads
d) it was a sport back then

9. How did the Bloods kill the buffalo?

a) shoot them
b) stampede them into a cave, and stab them
c) feed them poison
d) chase them off a cliff

10. The Blood people lived in homes called TIPIS. These were made with:

a) branches, grass, and mud
b) steel and cement
c) bricks and wood
d) animal hides and poles

11. How could you know which TIPI belonged to a warrior?

a) it was huge
b) it was tiny
c) it was decorated
d) it was dirty

12. Blood clothing was made

a) at the Fort
b) from animal hides
c) by the warriors
d) in factories

13. Footwear was called

a) pemmican
b) Kainai
c) cairns
d) moccasins

14. Clothing for special occasions, was decorated with

a) porcupine quills
b) fish scales
c) peacock feathers
d) gold and diamonds

15. Stories that helped Blood children learn, were called

a) limericks
b) elders
c) legends
d) sagas

16. A travois is used to

a) teach the children
b) punish the children
c) dry the meat
d) transport goods

FILL-IN the missing words, using words from this list.

generous..........spirit.......... clans.......... earth.......... brave.......... leaders.......... chiefs.......... headchief.......... alive.......... direction.......... did.......... seasons.......... said.......... hunter.......... church.......... battle.......... prayed..........

17. The Bloods had many spiritual beliefs.
They believed every animal had a ______.
They believed the sun kept you _____
, the moon helped tell the _______,
the stars helped tell __________,
and one powerful spirit watched over all the _____.
The Bloods did not go to ______,
but they ______ everyday.

18. The Blood people lived together in _____.
They had many _______ called ______.
Warriors became _________ because of what they ___, NOT what they ____.
He had to be _____ in ______,
a good ______,
and most of all ________

19. Mapping Symbols
(match the symbol to its meaning)

a) school

b) river

c) mountains

d) hospital

e) city, town

f) direction sign

g) road, highway

20. Vocabulary
Match the meaning to the word.

a)prairie valley with steep sides

b)when neither side can win

c)pile of rocks

d)people who move around

e)people who teach about GOD

f)groups of people doing things

____coulee ____missionaries ____nomads ____standoff ____commitees ____cairns

21. ANSWER and EXPLAIN for the following questions.

a) Would you want to live in/with an 'extended family'? Why/Why not?

b) Would you want to have to go to a 'residential school'? Why/Why not?

c) Name 3 traditions the Blood have kept.
Do you think that they should give these up someday? Why/Why Not?

d) Why are the Bloods considered a 'Special Community'? Give at least 3 reasons.