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HOROSCOPES- by Kelli Fox
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CSM90's WebTV Homepage
This is my son Clarke's SECOND webpage!! He was the FIRST in our family to make one of these new WebTV homepages!!! Clarke is a whiz at anything he's interested in! Check out his FIRST webpage at...

Clarke built BOTH of his websites ON HIS OWN. Go sign his books and give him a thrill!

This is a #1 website created by my #1 husband!!! You'll see it was the inspiration for this site of mine!



allstondave's homepage banner
Visit Dave for a Virtual tour of Boston, PHOTOS, cooking ideas, LINKS, and other interests he has.

A Semi-Wicked Good Maine Page
Tony is a helpful and resourceful person. His site displays the pride he has in his home State of Maine. There are many 'MAINE' links here!

Cam & Jon's Hangout
These young boys have quite a site started! They are into GAMES, but also have midis, links, and more! They are challenging themselves to get lots of guestbook sign-ins...wanna help? I did!

Eben's Little Corner
Eben's 'little corner of the world' is South Africa. Eben, and his family, are really involved in CHESS. You may find related info. on Chess, his family, his career, and this truly interesting site!

Gin's Palace
This 'wee homepage' originates from SCOTLAND and contains humour, links, and Scottish information. It sure was nice to get another connection to hubby's homeland...(with a live cam shot of a place where hubby often walked by many Saturday afternoons!)

JersGirl's Shortcuts

This homepage has LINKS to MIDIS, GAMES, GIFS, HTML help and MORE!!! A great resource/starting point site!!!

Mary's Friends of the Wolves
Mary has a site full of BEAUTIFUL pictures/images of wolves, as well as links to wolf related sites. Her site is definitely one to explore. Very nice!

Mulebone's Continuum
This homepage has 'interesting' links...almost bizarre some cases. I really like the 'Spooky Site' link! If you're looking for something different... THIS IS!

Peppermint Patty's Place
Patty's page is just getting started, but it already has some nice backgrounds and graphics galore! Keep checking in to see what is new at Patty's Place

Soonerbaby's Pages

This gal is a great friend of mine. Her pages feature LINKS, PHOTOS, POETRY and more. You see...we have similar interests...LOL! Pay her a visit...she'd love that!!! Tell her 'HOT' sent you!

the Station House
This 'sensitive guy' writes poetry and has dedicated pages to fallen fellow officers and other memorials. Please visit this nice man. You'll be glad you did. Please tell him HOTC16 sent you!

the Story Garden
This website features wonderful stories to read, share, and treasure!(have kleenex handy!)
There is also PHOTOS of the website creator and her family & friends. She has also included LINKS to sites she likes. Go take a look!

This site is a virtual 'toolbox' featuring everything you need to know from power tools to web tools!!! Be sure and visit this 'web workshop'!

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