"A DADDY by any other name...
would still be so loved..."

beating heart

Strong as a mountain,
rugged and sure,
weathered by time,
his honesty pure.

mountain sunset

Steadfast and sturdy,
supporting much life,
standing alone,
or together, with wife.

parents wedding day

Giving to others,
as much as he can,
setting examples,
of a kind, loving man.


Proud of his efforts,
with family so dear,
teaching independence,
while keeping them near.


Big gentle heart,
that feels your tears,
loves to laugh,
and chase away fears.

heart throb

Will see you always,
as "his little one",
protects you forever,
daughter or son.

kissing angel

Spends his life proving,
God's infinite plan,
to trust one another,
and do what we can.


Hard working,
and true...
"That is YOU daddy...
and I sure LOVE YOU !!!"

HOT and 
her dad

If I could have one wish today...
to dedicate to you...
I would say,
"Make all Dad's dreams
and hopes for life...COME TRUE!"

for everything you are and everything you do


This poem is dedicated
to my dad
and also my father-in-law.


Written by HOT...

June 12, 1999


In My Eyes
A poem by POPPY

Father's Day Tribute Page
@ Kenny Mitchell's WEB-UPLIFTER

+++++++A FATHER'S PRAYER++++++++

Dear Almighty Father,
help me be a good and loving dad
that my child may enjoy
the blessings I have had
give me the wisdom I should use
to teach them right from wrong...
how to keep going
when the road is rough and long
to do the duty that is theirs,
until it's very end
To look for lasting beauty
and appreciate their friends
Endow me with the grace I need
to mold their gentle youth
according to the measurements
of loyalty and truth
Enable me to comfort them,
whenever they are sad...
and, oh My Heavenly Father,
Grant that they will always love you and me...

Happy Father's Day


Dad Was Wrong
Dick Bishop

Mark Twain wrote more than 100 years ago:
"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years."

          So it seems to be today with our youth. They seem positive that their parents don't know a great deal now, never did know much of anything, and may very well go to their graves in a state of almost complete ignorance -- particularly when they, the children, have so much knowledge.

          Of course, we as parents are not perfect. We do make mistakes, some more serious than others. Perhaps that is why our children deem us to be failures. Yet, we may be victims of our own success. When they are quite young, our children consider us to be perfect beings. When they eventually find out that we are not infallible, that there are 'chinks' in our armor, it's a difficult concept for them to grasp.

          My dad had a sixth-grade education. He left school to work in the granite quarries of West Quincy, Massachusetts. It was a family business that went belly-up in the Great Depression.

          But Dad worked hard. With less than a high school diploma, he went to work in a shipyard. He had a vision. He wanted to make enough money so that his kids could get a good education and eventually be able to enjoy the niceties of life that he never had. Dad had pride. He wanted to 'make it' for us, even though his lack of education prevented him from achieving some of his ambitions.

         By his standards, Dad never made it.

          According to him, he never achieved that certain standard he had set for himself and his family, the goal that would have allowed him some inner peace. As he lay dying he said to me, "If only I could have done more for you all."

         My Dad was wrong.

          Now that he's gone, I guess I can say that. He taught us so much, probably more than I ever learned in any university. He taught me that life experiences are just as important as what you learn in the classroom. He taught me that rabbits freeze when they're frightened and that's when they're easiest to shoot. I hated hunting. He taught me never to 'jerk' a trout because they'll spit the hook every time, and I love fishing. He taught me that there are people who will tell you one thing and mean another. And, oh boy, was he right about that.

          He taught me to trust what I believe, not what others try to make me believe. He taught me more, perhaps, than I will ever know. He set standards for living and for working.

          Thanks, Dad. You may have seemed rather backward when I was growing up, but I realize now that I was the backward one. I regret, with such great sorrow, that I never adequately told you how much you had given and how much I now appreciate it -- how much I really love you.
                             -- Dick Bishop  


A fellow heartwarmer, Dick Bishop of Massachusetts, recently retired after 20 years at Babson College. He was also a dean at Northeastern Univ.

(Featured story in Heartwarmers Newsletter...
June 19, 1999)


Questions About Dad

(Have your children answer these...their answers may surprise and enlighten you!)

What is your Dad's favorite tool? (lots of "computer" answers here)

     * What does your Dad do best?

     * What does your Dad do to help out around the house?

      * What do Dads do in their spare time? (evidently I'm not the only father who watches sports on TV)

      * If your Dad were to write a book about his children, what would he say about you?

     * How are all Dads alike? (I especially liked "They're all hairy!")

      * What was your Dad like when he was a little boy? (One little boy said, "He worked on the farm. He was up at 4 a.m. to milk the cows. He only had one toy. If he misbehaved he was in a lot of trouble. He was not allowed to sass." Can't you just hear that lecture?)

     * What do you think your Dad enjoys most about being a Dad?

          Some interesting questions, and the answers are quite revealing. Really gives you an idea of how you are perceived by your kids, which is a pretty good clue about how you're doing as a Dad.

                  -- Joe Walker

(featured author in HEARTWARMERS newsletters)

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