HOT's Mom's Family

This is a picture of my MOM (AURELIE) & DAD (PETER) when they were dating...37 years ago or so.

They met after my mom had moved from PRINCE ALBERT to Edmonton, to live with her sister's family (Edwidge).

Along with helping out around her sister's place, mom started working for Canada Mortgage and Housing (where she just retired from, in Dec. of 1998).

While here, she met my dad, because he was working for a different office in the same building.

He would bring her candy and stuff, they started dating, and the rest as they history!

On August 3, 1963...
they were married in Edmonton at Assumption Church (my dad became Catholic to get permission/blessing to marry her).

As many of my mom's family that could attend...did.

Every anniversary they celebrate together is a special one.

My mom is not too big on celebrating something that happens naturally...
so naturally we celebrate things anyway!...LOL

My mom and dad have always been in love with each other.

Even when things were tough...they had a strong enough love to 'hang in there - no matter what'.

What really is special, is that they like to 'laugh and play' together.

I really love them for that!!!

I did mention in another place in my album, that my brother has been dating a 'special gal' (she must be special to put up with him...LOL).

Well here they are together...

My mom says she would have liked to be able to have more children. Things didn't work out that way though.

Instead, she has my 2 boys to lavish her attention (and BAKING) on!

Everyone LOVES my mom's culinary talent and my dad is quite the chef also! I inherited that talent from both of them.

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Another favourite pastime of my mom is gambling (recreationally of course).

My parents have been to Las Vegas more than once!

This photo was taken when the entire family went in 1981 (her first experience in SLOTS PARADISE). Caesar himself, welcomed her with open arms!

This is my mom's parents...


This photo was taken on their 50th Wedding Anniversary (celebrated in 1976).

FRED & ALICE raised a BIG FRENCH CANADIAN CATHOLIC family (7 boys, 3 girls).

My mom's family is from Saskatchewan. They first lived in Batoche (where my mom was born) and in our family history, we were witness to (involved in) the RIEL REBELLION.

Grandma and Grandpa owned the store in BATOCHE, and were very friendly with the surrounding native people.

After all their children were born and were a bit older, (Grandma had 2 other children, Alfred and Alcide, that were lost to sickness)...they moved to the city of PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan.

When most of the children were married and out of the house, they moved to SHELLBROOKE, Saskatchewan.

Grandpa and Grandma did move back to Prince Albert, after GRANDPAPERE (Grandma's dad who lived with them in Shellbrooke) passed away.

My Grandpa passed away in May of 1986, and my Grandma lived relatively well in a Nursing Home in DUCK LAKE, Saskatchewan, until her passing on June 24, 1999.

That means...July 1, Grandpa and Grandma's 73rd Wedding Anniversary date (and they were reunited to celebrate it together!).

Grandma was a strong and sweet lady. I sure wish you could have known her the way we all did. She lived through a lot, taught us what GOD's grace can give you, and showed us what fun life can be!

I love her sooooooo much!!! (and I sure miss the days sitting with her, playing cards for nickles, listening to her play the organ, watching 'Price Is Right' and 'the Young & the Restless', or sipping on SCREWDRIVERS together while she crochets the day away until it's time to go play BINGO!)

Please visit my memorial to Grandma that was recited at her funeral.

Here is a photo of Grandma and Grandpa outside their last home in Prince Albert.

The man seated is their youngest child, my Uncle Philip (many have said he resembles ELVIS PRESLEY...he has been a life long fan of the 'KING' too!. Time has since aged Uncle Philip and he now resembles Brian Mulroney...LOL)

I was so honoured to have Grandma make the trip from Saskatchewan, to attend our wedding.I know Grandpa was there in spirit. He thought the world of SCOT4EVER (and me too, of course).

This is a photo of my Uncle Henri (mom's younger brother) and Aunty Edwidge (mom's older sister), supporting me on my special day.

Uncle Henri now lives near SASKATOON, Saskatchewan. He and Aunty Jean (his wife) also made a special trip to attend the wedding. I was so thrilled about that, because I have always been really close to them. Our family did a lot together when I was growing up. My nic for him is "D".

At the church, he had to repair the pipe organ to get it working...and he also sang.
At the reception, he acted as Master of Ceremonies. He can tell a joke like no one else I know!

Aunty Edwidge has always been a part of my life, especially my 'FAITHFUL' life. Aunty is a very spiritual woman that puts GOD, first.

Aunty Edwidge is married to Uncle Jacques. They have 4 boys; Robert (married to Debbie - they have 2 girls...Danielle & Meagan), Michel (Mike is married to Jutta - they have 2 girls...Elise and Michelle. Mike also has a son...Emmanuel and Jutta has 2 boys from a previous marriage, but Mike has been close to them for most of their lives), Marc (bachelor), and Gerald (married to Diana - they have a daughter...Amber, and a son...Matthew).

All of them live in or near Edmonton, and I am close with all of them.

My wedding would not have been the same without Aunty Edwidge. She even hosted my Bridal Shower!

They have 2 children; a daughter MICHELLE and a son MARC. (see Marc's website listed in my FRIENDS LINKS)

Here is MICHELLE and MARC at MARC's (and Donna's) wedding (they have no childen yet, but are enjoying travelling the world together!).

Michelle is married, and has a son (Jett) and daughter (Baily).

MICHELLE was the first woman firefighter in SASKATOON. She then pursued her EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) status. Michelle has always been VERY athletic and strong. She is PETITE but POWERFUL!!!

This is the GERALD I mentioned before.

He was born exactly a year (less a day) before me.

When my mom went to visit her sister in the hospital after his birth, she said,
"Don't laugh...this will be you in a year!"...and she was !!! ...with ME!!!

Gerald and I have always been close...even great friends! (He was my disco dance partner at every church dance I went to, and we even attended the same high school!)

Gerald and SCOT4EVER are good friends too! Gerald built a golf course on his acreage (15 minute drive on the highway, east of our place), so SCOT spends time there whenever he can.
When we got our WebTV... Gerald got one too!!! That way he can be email distance away from us!

This is Aunty Edwidge's son 'MIKE', enjoying family wedding festivites with SCOT4EVER.

When I was a young girl...he used to babysit my brother and I. We really enjoyed having our older 'BIKER' cousin, take care of us.

We used to sit outside on the porch, while he raced up and down our street to our wild applause and cheers!

He is a highly interesting fellow. He designs jewelry with gemstones he's collected, he's worked in the Arctic installing telecommunications towers, he takes award winning nature photos, he loves to cook, he admires and collects art, he loves to work in his yard, he is a terrific loving father, he has a history as a biker, and he's HOT's cousin! WOW!!!

He has always made sure that SCOT4EVER treats me right...and believe me...he would take care of anyone who didn't!...LOL

This is my mom's sister, Elmina. She has raised 3 boys and 4 girls; Ricky, Dennis, Marcel, Denise, Pauline, Darcy, and Shauna.

I have very fond memories and close ties, with Aunty Elmina and her family. Many summers, my family spent time at Emma Lake near Prince Albert, with her family at their cabin. What a blast that was!

Aunty Elmina's family all still live in or near, Prince Albert. All but the 2 youngest girls, are married ( & have given Aunty Elmina gorgeous grandchildren). Darcy has become a teacher and is to be wed in the summer of 1999. Shauna has graduated with special honours (she is quite an artist!) and is on her way to a marriage too (probably in the next few years!)

This is my mom's older brother Julien. Sadly, he passed away from cancer on October 2nd, 2002.

Uncle Julien was a fun-loving man. You could always count on him for a good fishing story (and a Bohemian beer in the downstairs fridge, for his Alberta niece!).

Uncle Julien was married to Aunty Florence, and they have 3 children; Yvette, Wilfred, and Bev. All their children are married, and have given them grandchildren (Tracy, Pam, Melinda, Perry, Victoria, Cassidy) and great-grandchildren as well.

Most of Uncle Julien's family, live in and around Prince Albert.

Well that only tells you a piece of my mom's family.

Siblings I do not have pictures of here are:

Clem (oldest brother)- has wife VINA, had a son Willy (passed away of a pancreas condition in his late 30's), and 5 daughters...Marilyn, Linda, Rita, Louise and Jeannie.

Ferna (older brother) was married to Phyllis, has one son...Darryl.

Marcien (older brother) married to Marvel, has a son Terry (married) and daughter Lisa (married). Both have children.

Ralph (older brother) married to Lucille, 5 daughters; Sheri, Elise, Susie, Leona, and Doris. All are married and have given grandchildren.

So you see..."HOT" gets a BIG smile, a WARM glow, and a very SOFT loving spot in her heart...for this side of the family.


Thanks for visiting with all of us!!!